What a Night…

The things I saw and experienced during tonight’s run!

There was the young man with a lot of ‘tude at the intersection calling the car in front of him an A-hole because it did not go on green. And my satisfaction of telling him through his open window, “A cop is coming with his lights on!”

A young lady, also with a lot of ‘tude, leaning out the car window and yelling, “aaargh!” at me with a strange, warrior face. I am sure it was not meant to say, “Hey, look at that cool runner-guy,” but instead sarcastic. I like sarcasm, so I’m down with that.

A good-looking young lady in her hot sports car, picking her nose AND checking out the treasure she dug up (Awesome.)

Two guys, one older and one younger, (father and son?) in front of the Pour House Cafe. The younger stands as the older approaches and holds out his hand to shake hands. The older pushes it aside and instead gives him a big hug.

The guy with one leg I nod to every time I run pass. I notice tonight that he has a prosthetic leg. So, I talk to him for the first time. “New leg?” I ask. He says it is. “Congratulations. How is working out? Getting used to it?” He says it is ok but a little difficult to get used to. His big smile says how happy he is.

And finally, stretching in front of my house after my run and hearing a lady singing loudly, and out of key, with Steve Miller Band’s “Jet Airliner” as she drives by.

I had started to get a little bored with my runs. Too much of the same thing. Tonight took care of that.

Heady times in Westminster!

2 responses to “What a Night…

  • Mike

    Running is awesome, huh? I can’t remember who said it, but the quote is something like, “I don’t run to add years to my life. I run to add life to my years.”

    Great blog!

  • Steve

    I enjoy running for more than the fitness aspects, too. It’s fun to watch what is happening around me as I run by. I like the quote, as well. So true. Thanks for visiting.


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