God said, “Chill”…

This past Saturday was going to be a family day. August 23rd is the anniversary of losing Jake and we try to do something family-oriented and fun. Jake would approve.

This year’s plan was fishing and swimming at Cascade Lake, a local, man-made lake in our county not too far from Westminster.

Linc invited a friend and as Jenny and I were still setting up our spot (putting down blankets, etc), Linc’s friend made his first, and only, cast. He caught a good-sized bass that was well hooked onto the lure, a dual three-pronged thing, like in the picture. I was able to get the back hooks out and was working on the final front hook when the fish wriggled, sending one of the back hooks nicely into, and through, my right index finger. (I’ll pause here for cringes, etc)

Long story short – Unable to extract hook results in visit to ER where the doc had to make an incision inorder to extract the hook. Yes, it was that deep. The rest of my weekend was spent pointing toward the ceiling and feeling quite useless and foolish. Jenny says we will always remember this year’s outing.

Besides changing our family-day plans, it also forced me to take a break from my training for the Philly marathon. No running, no push-ups, no nothing. I discovered that anything that got my heart pumping greater than rest speed caused an almost visible (to me at least) throbbing in my finger and not a little bit of pain.

God decided I needed a break, I guess.

How was your weekend?

(picture – www.fishinreport.com)

One response to “God said, “Chill”…

  • aneat1

    That had to hurt. I am very sorry about your son. My nephew age 3 had a bone marrow transplant when he was under age one for a disease called WAS a blood platelet disease. I spent alot of nights sleeping in the hospital with him in the hospital so his parents could take a break. Um, (parent’s never get a break).

    I am starting some blogs about a good nights sleep. Why some people can, some people don’t or some people wake up in the morning and feel like they haven’t slept at all..
    Check them out. I honestly would like your opinion.
    Word Press:



    I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

    His love,

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