New Face Series…

Found some time and here is the first in a series that I mentioned the other day. This topic started a year or two ago. Jenny is always calling me a freak when it comes to running because I enjoy it so much and will do it in any weather or place. One day we started an email chain with my running buddies called, “You might be a running freak if…”

Here is the first.


I used to get a black toe after every marathon and usually once while training. I consider it a badge of honor, a souvenir. I even congratulate people when they experience their first. “Congratulations, my son, for now you are a runner!”

I changed my shoes and I don’t get my black toenail anymore.

I almost miss it…

Are you a running freak? Do you know one?

Do you have any good ones? Any you’d like to see here?

2 responses to “New Face Series…

  • Rachel

    Running freak. No black toenails yet. Although- bloody socks and shoes are common around here. Finally figured out that the seams of the shoe were causing me to get extra blisters and bleeding…Need bigger shoes.

  • Steve

    The need for bigger shoes was my problem, too. I didn’t know the “go a 1/2 size up” rule until I was properly fitted for running shoes.

    Enjoy your site. Good luck with your training and meeting your goals for this year.


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