What’s In a Name?

This blog definitely has evolved over the last six months or so.  It started as an “opinion” blog with the name “The Other Shoe.”  That didn’t last very long.  A particularly bad day at work caused me to rename it “Escape From Career Hell” and chronicle my efforts to move from obscurity in a cubicle.  That lasted a little while, too, as I whined about my job and regaled in my discovery of all things Social Media.

Then, one day, I sat doodling during and my face from high school appeared.  As days go by, this blog has evolved again into more of a medium for my faces.  The majority of my  posts anymore are of new drawings of my silly, little faces.  Lately, I have wondered about the title of the blog.  Should I change it?  It really wasn’t living up to my initial intentions.  Or was it?

Then, Hugh MacLeod posted this  cartoon today that is so true for me.  I am having so much fun drawing my faces and letting them express how I feel at the moment or as commentary on things.  It is my little dig at “the man” drawing these faces from my cube.

As I ran this evening, the thought popped in my head that maybe, just maybe, drawing my cartoons is my escape.  Not in a literal sense but in more of a psychological, spiritual, metaphysical, whatever sense.  I may still be stuck in a cube, trudging away every day as a contractor but, as long as I keep drawing, I am free from the cube.  I am escaping from career hell.

Thank you, face-guy (I really need to find a name for him) and thanks to all of you who read this blog.

How do you escape?

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