Tiger Nation…

Nothing like watching your team in person to reinvigorate your devotion and excitement to the team.  This past weekend, Linc and I got to see the Detroit Tigers play the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards in Baltimore.  This was awesome on several levels.

First, I got to go to a game with Linc.  I always like sharing things like this with him.  He’s an Orioles fan and so that little bit of rivalry was fun.  Every so often he and I get to do things together, last year it was Blue Man Group, and my hope is that when he gets older he has some nice memories.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards is a beautiful stadium.  They really did a great job in designing and building it.  It has the feel of an old-style baseball stadium but with all the modern amenities.  Also, it is right downtown and has a great view of the cityscape.  Even if you aren’t a particular fan of the team, you should visit just for the experience.

The last great thing is being able to see my team play in person.  It has been over ten years since I have seen the Tigers play live, much, much too long a time.  This team is fun to watch.  You can see the “old” players from the 2006 team are starting to gel with big name, new guys brought in over the off-season.  The Tiger bats were hitting well and I’m glad I am able to say I  got to see Justin Verlander pitch in-person. He was on his game Sunday and shut the Os down..

The Tigers have a ritual they do after every win.  The entire team meets in the infield to congratulate each other with high fives.  I had to take a picture of it.  Then the Skipper, Jim Leyland, stands outside the dugout and shakes every player’s hand.  It’s cool to see on TV but even better to see in person.  I won’t wait anothe ten years to see the Tigers play.  Every time they visit Baltimore, Linc and I will be in the stands for at least one game.

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