I am the Decider…

I have decided to go with my heart, not my head, and specialize in Marketing. If you recall, a couple days ago I had the conundrum of what MBA specialization to choose. I kept turning it over in my head and was always drawn back to marketing. I find it really fascinating. I don’t know what I will do with it. It really isn’t pertinent to my job but what the hell. Maybe I can parlay it into a side gig of some sort.

Have you ever ignored logic and gone with your heart? Did it work?

One response to “I am the Decider…

  • Connie Bensen

    Marketing is an excellent choice. Sounds like you have lots of experience in project management.

    I came to thank you for listing me on your blogroll then started reading… I have overcome emotional challenges too, so hang in there. And I call myself an ‘accidental marketer’. http://www.marketingtwo.com/contributors

    I’m curious to hear why you titled your blog as you did? Ironically my plan if my work in social media falls thru I’ll go & get my MBA! 🙂

    Email me if you want to connect – conniebensen@gmail.com
    (love your cartooning by the way!)


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