When you come to the fork in the road…

I spoke with my MBA advisor recently. During the discussion about my next class and future classes he asked if I had decided on a specialization yet. I was hoping he would not ask since I haven’t picked one yet. I am torn between Project Managment, Finance, Leadership, and Strategy & Economics.

Project Management is on the list because that is what I do in real life. The pro is I have experience and it is a natural choice. However, I decided to get my MBA to broaden my horizons and I really do not want to pigeon-hole myself further into this field.

Marketing really interests me. My first MBA class was a marketing class and I really enjoyed it. There is a possibility that it would prove useful in my professional life if I start to become involved in business development for my company. It also fits in the “broaden my horizons” aspect of why I went back to school.

I find Finance interesting and it seems to be a specialization that would be useful in many areas. I struggled some in Managerial Corporate Finance but I also had some issues with the instructor.
The other two, Leadership and Strategy & Economics, interest me because of their subject matter but I don’t know how practical they would be in the real world.

My company doesn’t care what I take. Any future positions or promotions would not hinge on my specialization, or my MBA for that matter.

What do you think? How should I chose?

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