It’s Ok…

I had a funny (to me) exchange with my wife this morning. She emailed me with a couple of ideas this morning, one kind of a daily thing and the other kind of spectactular. I wrote back, “Both sound ok to me. Love you.”

Here was her response,

“Oh c’mon! The first idea might sound “ok” but that second idea rocks don’t you think? Men, I swear! To women, just ok means go upstairs and try a different outfit. To men, ok means yeah that’ll work.

love you”

I thought it was a good response. Both were good ideas and were “ok” by me. We’ve had this discussion before. I’ve told her that if I thought she should change or disagreed with an idea, I would say so. If I like it, then it’s “ok by me.” What’s the problem?

Is this a “Mars/Venus” thing or is it me?

(update: Added the picture above once I got home, I don’t have a scanner at work)

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