The Difference of a Day…

It is amazing how much can change over the course of Twenty-four hours. Yesterday at this time, my family was in a hotel in downtown D.C., trying to find sleep but for some, specially me, not succeeding. We were in D.C. because my wife was scheduled today for surgery at the Washington Hospital Center. She has hydrocephalus, a cyst of fluid in the brain that is not draining properly.

In 2005 she was implanted with a shunt that helped for a short time but over the course of the last three years, her symptoms slowly returned and worsened. Her doctor, Dr. Levine of the Washington Brain and Spine Institute, decided it was time to remove the shunt and open up the cyst, a procedure called marsupialization.

This procedure is not without risk. Twenty-four hours ago, I tossed and turned in bed contemplating a future as a single father. Imagining every horrible scenario of what could go wrong.

Twenty-four hours later, things are different. The surgery went better than expected, my wife is resting, under observation in ICU, but resting and well.

And I am tired. I told Linc we all look like zombies.

The difference of a day. The difference of a day means…I can sleep.

(Update: I must have been too sleepy last night. I forgot to give credit for the above photo. My apologies to Mainman, who took and posted this fine photo on Flickr.)

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