Where Things Stand…

Things are pretty much the same as they have been, the only that has changed is my scenery. I moved to yet another building but this time I have more eyes to watch me do nothing.

I was hopeful when I moved to my new desk. I was paired with a customer staff employee and we were placed in an organization charged with helping them manage their many projects. Several times I asked for a plan of attack, what’s our task, etc and was told each time that they were still figuring things out and to just sit tight. Still sitting, thanks.

I’ve been working on creating the Nine Circles of Career Hell. Jenny says I am in the first circle, Limbo (or Purgatory). She says this just because there is still hope on the corporate side. The new President has finally started and hopefully his plans of moving off contract and on to full-time corporate duties will come to fruition soon. I agree with her for now, just because there is help and I haven’t figured out the other Circles, yet.

Though it is very difficult some days, I try to keep a positive attitude, help when and where I can and try to keep busy and visible. I continue to work on my MBA, about a third of the way finished already! I need to decide on my specialization. I’ve narrowed it down to Finance, Strategy and Economics, Leadership or Project Management. I’ll take any and all advice.

So that is where things stand. Still in a holding pattern. If I can think of a good one and get it scanned in, I will add a face later in the day.

So, how is your day?

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