Leadership Principal – Stay Positive

Change your attitude. Decide to be positive. It works. This is important not only as a leader but as a person. Negativity is toxic. It spreads like a cold from one person to another and eventually everyone in the office is infected. I only recently learned this but now I see it everywhere. The office I now sit is full of unhappy, negative people. Sometimes, I have to take a walk to get some air and just shake off all of the bad feelings. I mentioned to a friend I wanted to try to pull the negative string to see where in the organization it originates. This is a cultural problem within the organization.

I tell people how I forced myself to change my attitude when I changed companies last year. The change of environment gave me a clean slate, a new start. I decided to be positive. My situation is changing just from me deciding to be positive and proactive, no longer waiting to be “discovered” for my brilliance and expertise. I set out to show everyone that I should not be overlooked and can be of great value. The key, I found, was to maintain a positive attitude.

Positive people attract positive people to make good things happen.
Have you made the decision to be positive? If not, Why so negative?

2 responses to “Leadership Principal – Stay Positive

  • Whatley

    Excellent point, well made.

    And one that needs pointing out.
    I count my positivity as one of my most powerful tools.

    I was once offered a job that I was completely under qualified for (and that I eventually turned down) solely on the basis of saying:

    “Yup, I know I’ve never done it before. But WOW what a challenge.”
    ..and then grinning..

    In the interview!

    I cannot abide pessimism – in any way, shape or form.

    Good work Sir.

  • Steve

    Thanks, Whatley.
    Attitude makes all the difference. I’d take someone under qualified but with a great attitude and willing to learn over an expert who is miserable and an A*hole anyday of the week and twice on Sundays.


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