Green Grass…

I was asked to deliver pay checks to the members of my project on Wednesday. The CEO of our company, Chaz, wanted to get out to talk to the troops and so accompanied me on my rounds. He brought with him copies of the article by Mary Ellen Slayter in Sunday’s Washington Post. Ms. Slayter talks about job offers that go away and offers a few interesting anecdotes.

I haven’t had a job offer go away but this was a fear of mine when waiting to start this job. An old boss recruited me almost a year ago but I did not actually start here until September. The project he wanted me for kept delaying the start date for various reasons.

I thought this article was good given the environment in which I work. I see many people, software engineers especially, job hopping to the bigger better deal (I don’t mean to pick on SW engineers but they are in the most demand and so move more). The problem is many of these companies hand contingent offers while in the proposal phase of a project. They use the resumes to show availability of expertise. So, if the company does not win the proposal there no longer is a job offer. A few people in our company were chasing the dollars and collecting mulitple contingency offers for competing companies bidding on the same work. Sometimes, things don’t always work out the way you think.

I am uncomfortable having several job changes over a two-year period on my resume. That is why I chose to stay here even though it looked to be more of the same as before. That and the fact I saw potential here to start climbing out of career hell.

Sometimes, the grass only seems greener…

Do you chase the bigger deal or have you found your dream job?

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