Looking for a fall marathon…

I’m looking for a marathon. My last was in Harrisburg, PA. Not too bad as far as marathons go. My time wasn’t bad, either, at ~3:45 but I ended the race pissed. There is a series of hills around mile 19 that totally killed me. I was on track for a 3:30 before I hit the hills.

I chilled through the winter, not training for anything, just running and working out to stay in shape. I had no motivation after Harrisburg and that really upset me. Probably over-trained from being in constant training mode for the last three or four years. I knew I should take this spring off but it just bothered me so much to do so. Jenny talked me through my dilemma, basically allowing me to give myself permission to take a break.

I am going to run the Frederick Marathon on May 4th as part of a relay team. I’m getting excited for that and now I am starting to get the itch. I need to find a nice race for the fall. I have done Baltimore, the Marine Corps three times so I would like to find something new.

Any ideas?

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