Say Thank You…

Leadership Principle – Say “Thank You”

Much of what I believe about leadership, and life in general, stems from a philosophy of treating others with respect.

Along that line, I believe in always saying “thank You.” No person, or position, is too high or too low for this common courtesy. Say thank you to the server at a restaurant every time they refill a glass or bring a out dish or take one away. Say “thank you” to the crew or person who cleans the restrooms in your building.

A couple years ago, my wife had me take in fudge at Christmas for the crew that cleaned the restrooms on my floor at work. I had been telling her about how they were always checking and re-checking to make sure it was clean or had paper towels and soap. Sometimes you had to walk up a floor because they were cleaning but I would rather have to do that have the alternative – a nasty restroom. So, she had me take in fudge in appreciation for their hard work. Always say “thank you.”

A leader should always say “thank you,” too. I would make sure to thank the Sailors in my department for their work. I could easily be replaced with another department head but they would be missed because they were the specialists, they did the work.

Some leaders lose sight of this. Those people sitting in cubicles are spending long hours doing research, writing reports, crunching numbers. They deserve thanks. If not for them, the leader would fail.

So, tell someone you normally wouldn’t that your appreciate their efforts. Be they a colleague, a server at lunch or the guys who pick up your trash.

Say “thank you” today.

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