How to Start An S* Storm…

Andrew Baron put his Twitter account up for auction this past weekend. Never heard of the guy but after seeing tweet by Chris Brogan, I became intrigued and checked it out. I am now following Mr. Baron.
It was amazing this weekend and this morning to see the conversations his little act started, both for and against. I really don’t care either way if he sells his account or not. What I find really interesting is how many people started talking. Here are just a few examples from my limited reading list:
Chris BroganIs Your Community For Sale
Rex HammockAre Twitter Followers A Community?
Robert Scoble Twitter and Inadequacy (er, The Great Friend Divide)

Some pretty big hitters and I am sure there a many, many more out there. Plus, just the Tweets alone is pretty incredible. A Google search on “andrew baron twitter account auction” produced 4,130 hits! Not bad for a couple days. Companies would give their right and left arms for this amount of free publicity.

Whether it was intended or not, he certainly started something. It will be interesting to watch over the next few days or weeks as the conversations and debates continue. Way to go Andrew.

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