This Could Be Cool…

An article in the Washington Post describes a new device that could be cool. It is a dashboard device that uses two-way GPS to monitor traffic conditions and send updates to other drivers. The company that created it, INRIX, says it is based on a “hive mind” concept. Cars that just went through a traffic delay would relay that information to cars that have yet to reach it.

One problem I see is the price, $599. I don’t see to many people paying that except for techies and maybe higher income folks who drive a lot. As the company refines the product, I could see it becoming a standard device in cars like satellite radio and GPS are now.

Another is the size of the box. In the picture in the article, it looked relatively small. Trying to figure out what is being displayed would be yet another distraction to drivers on roads that are already pretty scary. A voice alert along with the display would be a big improvement. A driver could punch in their destination and then a voice could announce problem areas along the route, “Traffic stopped at the I-270/I-495 spur,” for instance.

All in all, though, this is a cool new product. Traffic is such a coin toss in this area anything that could help get through it is welcomed.

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