How I Stay Awake at Meetings…

I used to draw this face in high school. I went away from it and recently started back up. Here are a few samples. I drew these during a meeting that really did not pertain to me in any wayand seemed to drag on forever . The only way to stay awake was to doodle on a pad of post-it notes. Enjoy.

The first one is my original face. I used it as a kind of signature back in the day. I would like to put this in the heading with the title, but I cannot figure out how without it being huge.

This one is pretty self explanatory. My eyes looked just like this.

There was a guy at the meeting that would not shut up. No matter the subject, he had an opinion that was five minutes long. Then he would repeat it just to make sure we heard it.

The yawn was me over and over at the meeting. My wife, Jenny, says I gave him a butthole for eyes. I find that very funny.

That’s it for now. I may put more up if I draw any that I like. I hope you like them.

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