Chris Brogan…

I’ve seen his name on other blogs and twitter posts but never read his stuff. I stumbled upon (not the site Stumbleupon but actually found it through a link on another site, but I digress) his blog today. I liked this post about personal leadership. Just more validation that it is my job to make things better, not someone else’s. It’s not easy to escape career hell and harder, yet, to keep that positive attitude when things that once appeared promising have stalled. I will take the hint, though, a keep pushing and not get negative or discouraged.
So, what does that mean to you, Al Franken (old SNL reference)? Why am I sharing this? Maybe someone will stumble here who happens to be having a down day themselves will follow the link to Chris’ site and feel encouraged themselves. There had to be a reason I stumbled myself today…

2 responses to “Chris Brogan…

  • Chris Brogan

    Hi Steve– This matters a great deal to me. Thanks for writing about me and for your kind words. I do it because I’ve got the hope that you will agree with me, do amazing things, and make the world around me better. Selfish, really. : )

  • Steve

    Thanks, Chris. It’s a good way to be selfish.

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