Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way…

Jimmy Gardner has started a forum for the D.C. tech community as “an exchange of complimentary services and what a better place for one of us to ask for a little help. At the worst a good gathering place for all our little bits or information.” Great idea!
In an earlier post, he and others voiced their frustration at the lack of attention for the D.C. tech community. Instead of stopping there and giving up, he and the community are pushing back with ideas on how to create their own buzz.
It is refreshing to see that instead of giving in to the negativity and nay-sayers the rest of the tech world, they are using it as inspiration to succeed inspite of them. Well done.

As a side note, I suspect, in my humble opinion, the impromtu CXCC will be remembered as the “First Annual” and grow into a major event in its own right.

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