I Know A Guy

I work with a guy with family in Italy. He had the chance to visit them last year while he was on his two week training duty with the Navy Reserves. He told me about their small farm, only a couple of acres passed down over the generations. They make their own wine through an organic process that the big wineries do not use. Very old world. His dream is to import and sell their wine here. Besides the obvious bearucratic hurdles of importing wine, he is hesitant because of not really knowing how to go about marketing and selling the wine.

What an opportunity! I can think of a bunch of possibilities to get the wine in front of customers right off the top of my head. There are several wine festivals throughout the year. Set up tent. A new wine bar, Wine Me Up, recently opened in Westminster. Ask them to try a couple bottles. I have noticed a good number of wine clubs in the D.C. and Baltimore area. Approach them with free samples. Get involved in the wine blogs out there (there a lot!) and talk about the small family farm story.

This all could be done on the side, after hours from his “real” job. He has the entrepenurial spirit, he is a one-man company working a subcontractor. I think it could work.

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