8-Hour Days

I’m reading Seth Godin’s book,“Small is the New Big,” and yesterday came across this sentence, “There is no correlation at all between success and hours.” (emphasis is his) What a refreshing thing to read. I can’t agree more. I can buy the fact that there are surge periods requiring putting in a few extra hours but this should be the exception, not the rule.

The proposal process is neverending in the IT contracting world. Many companies, especially the larger ones, subscribe to the notion of encouraging, or making, its people put in long days during while assigned to a proposal team. It is all too common.

An old boss use to say, “I’ll buy you lunch but I won’t buy dinner.” He wanted people to be home with their families for dinner. He made a point to tap people on the shoulder around four or five in the afternoon and tell them to knock off for the day.

He believed, as do I, you should be able to complete your work through the course of an 8-hour day. To me, a team that has to put in 12-hour (or longer) days to complete a proposal suffers from either poor planning, not enough people, or the wrong people being assigned.

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