Social Objects Again…

I mentioned my 26.2 tattoo and how it starts conversations with other runners,and even some non-runners (“What does 26.2 mean?”). This past weekend I timed with a dad from the other team at my son’s swim meet. Being the middle of winter, my tattoo was covered but I did wear a fleece from the 2006 Annapolis 10-mile race. Immediately after introducing ourselves, he asked if I had run that race. Turns out he has also run it several times and the same years as I. As the meet progressed, we discovered that we both had run the Baltimore Marathon (and that we both did not like it) and that I had run the JFK 50 mile race the same year as his wife.
Our shared running experiences served as nice icebreaker and I am sure if we run into each other at other swim meets we will talk for at least a minute or two. Our shared social object has established our relationship.

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