The Music Store…

We are friends with the husband and wife owners of a music store here in town. It is pretty successful. They provide instruments to the band students for the schools in the town and most likely the county. They also get some business from those who keep playing various instruments into adulthood.

The other day, we received a bulk email from the store advertising a bluegrass guitarist appearing at the store. I did not think much about it until I saw a follow-up email today rehashing the appearance. That got me to thinking. The email updates are great. Up until now, the only way they got the word out was through advertising in the local paper and merchandiser plus they get pretty good word of mouth. So, the emails are a great way to promote events, sales, new shipments, etc.

I looked on their website to see if maybe they have a blog, which the did not. Ideas started flowing. A blog could have promoted the guitarist’s appearance before and then have an employee blog during with an update after with pictures. The blog could link to a Facebook page or to a Squidoo page that could have ads for special deals on instruments. I wondered, “What would the social object for the store be?”

My wife is good friends with the wife. She is going to approach her about my ideas. Maybe we can help each other. I can bring them into the Web 2.0 and they can be my first marketing client.

The possibilities are great…

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