Iowa and Such…

Iowa is done, onto New Hampshire
Obama took Iowa, very cool. Hillary was third, even better. Edwards took second, a slight shiver but I believe he blew his wad in Iowa. I hope this gives Obama a wave momemtum that takes him into New Hampshire and Super Tuesday. Hillary scares the hell out of me, and I just don’t like her. Her smug attitude of being annoited as the Democratic nominee (based on what? Be married to Bill?) really drives me nuts. She should realize that she is extremely polarizing. Too many people hate her. I come a Republican family and the amount of vitriol thrown her way is worse than the hate they had for Bill.

I am not encouraged by Huckabee winning Iowa. He doesn’t give me any warm and fuzzies. I just don’t like what he stands for.
I do like Mitt Romney. Must be the RINO in me but I like the fact that he is not so conservative. Plus, I don’t know many but the Mormon people I do know are some of the most decent people I have ever met. They don’t throw their religion in anyone’s face, unlike some others.
So this election, I will rooting for Mitt and Obama.

Martz is Gone
Coach Scapegoat is out. Not surprised. Kitna is upset. Cry me a river. I like Kitna when he first joined the Lions and into this year but he blew it. He panics which I can’t blame him, I guess, after leading the league in sacks. I admire his heart but he just doesn’t have the talent. I will reserve comment on Colletto. Good articles here and here .

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