Another Year in the Can…

2007 is done. I am kind of ambivalent about it this year. 2007 was kind of non-eventful, personally. I changed jobs, again, for what I thought was a better gig but turned out to be more of the same. I need to “dump” my angst regarding my career some day. Maybe I will feel better once I do this.

The group I run with has a nice tradition. For four years now, we meet on Jan 1, usually around 8 or 9 a.m., to go for a little run and then have a picnic. We run on the C&O Canal Tow Path on Saturday mornings, starting at Weaverton (mile mark 58) and run north. For our New Year’s run, we meet at the boat ramp at mile mark 65 because it has a picnic table and a grill. The temp was in 40s, even with the wind, a good day for a run.

Congratulations Coach Carr and U 0f M! Yesterday’s game was great, very fun to watch.

Well, so far Coach Martz is still employed. Drew Sharp had a good take today on the situation in Detroit. Actually, I like what both he and Nicholas J. Cotsonika have been saying the last few days. I believe Martz is a scapegoat. More from the Free Press by STEVE SCHRADER. I think he sums it up well. I also like what JAMIE SAMUELSEN said in his blog . Just changing Martz isn’t going to help, neither is Kippy.

Happy New Year everyone.

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