The First Shoe

I call this blog The Other Shoe because that pretty much sums up my outlook on life. When something good happens, I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop, which it usually does. Cynical, I know, but hey, it’s part of the A,B,C’s of me. I tend to also be a little sarcastic, as does my wife. We had a good laugh when our niece, the physcology major, informed us that sarcasm is just another form of anger. Maybe that should be the subtitle, The Other Shoe…(Sarcasm is Just Another Form of Anger). I like the sound of that.
They say opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. I did some checking and I found this to be true; everyone has both, even me! So I thought I would share mine (opinions, that is, the asshole is only for my use). You can agree or disagree, it matters not to me. This is my forum to bloviate. You can on yours, that’s what makes America great.

Some of what I put here will just be random musings but I will concetrate on these specific subjects:

The Detroit Lions
I am a life-long Lions fan. This is from growing up in Michigan and watching them under-achieve every Sunday. Even though I now live in Maryland (hate the Ravens by the way), I still follow the Lions. I even pay to watch them lose. I pay for DirectTV’s Sunday Ticket so I can see the Lion’s foibles in glorious High Definition.
Being a fan, having played football in high school and possessing a pulse, I figure I can be an expert like everyone else and do some Monday morning quarterbacking. It won’t affect anything but I sure will feel better.

Other Detroit sports but mainly the Tigers
Hey, the Tigers are finally winning again! It’s only been about twenty years, but hey, who’s counting. I left Michigan in 1993 after joining the Marines (another story for another time) and never really followed the Tigers other than to look at the box score every so often in the paper. They weren’t winning so they weren’t on TV unless they played the local team where I was stationed. Sometimes the ESPNs would have them but that was only if they happened to be playing someone in contention that year. Now, though, Detroit is considered a powerhouse and a contender and are on ESPN several times throughout the season. I also have XM now so I can listen to everygame when they are not on TV.

I don’t like basketball. Maybe it is because I am a short, white guy and really just sucked at it in school. I spent one year riding the bench and went skiing instead. I do pay some attention to the Pistons but only to see where they are in the standings. I will watch once the playoffs start.

I’m not a big hockey fan either. I like the fact the Wings are good usually every year but I couldn’t tell you much about them.

And finally, M GO BLUE!

I run marathons. I ran my eighth in Novermber in Harrisburg, PA. We lost our eight-year-old son, Jake, in 2001 to leukemia and I decided to run a marathon in his name as a part of the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training. I ran the Marine Corps Marathon in 2003 and immediately became addicted. Being a running addict (or a freak, as my wife calls me) I like to talk about my addiction.

Current Events/Politics
I am news junkie. I like watching the beauty contest that is our political process. I am a registered Republican (gasp!) but my views are pretty moderate/centrist. Some conservatives may even call me a RINO (Republican In Name Only) since they believe the only good Republicans are conservative Republicans. I say “Boo to them!” The problems we have today are because of the extremes on both sides of the lines, liberals and conservatives, postering and spouting and compromising enough. It’s too bad the moderates on both sides get shoved aside.

And anything else that happens to be on my mind.

Maybe people will read this, maybe they won’t. Talking to myself here may just stop me from muttering while I walk down the halls at work. People seem to not like that, go figure.

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